Driving Sales: For those expecting more




Driving Sales: For those expecting more

PME MTL West-Island
1675, autoroute Transcanadienne
Bureau 301
Dorval, (Québec) 
H9P 1J1

9h - 11h

As a CEO, owner or manager, do you find that :

  • Your sales funnel flows with opportunities, yet conversion rates remain low ?
  • You don’t know if you have the right people in place to grow the business ?
  • You don’t know if they can do more ?
  • Your sell cycles take too long to close ?

Then this special conference is for you. This seminar is specifically designed for companies with complex sell cycles who want to sell more, sell more easily.


Ronald Mondor, president - OptiNumber
Ron Mondor’s focus on business development began while operating L’ Institut de Ventes de Montréal from ’98-’07 providing ongoing, reinforcement sales and sales management training, consulting and recruiting. During Ron’s 10 year sabbatical from teaching, he worked with a select group of SMBs to source financing and streamline complex sales cycles with emphasis on tracking ratios of effectiveness – two business development competencies he wanted to develop to better ‘walk the business development talk’.


English with bilingual Q&A


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Registration is obligatory as places are limited.