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The Future workplace: How Ready is your Organization?

Information session

The Future workplace: How Ready is your Organization?

1675, autoroute Transcanadienne
suite 301
Dorval, (Québec) H9P 1J1

9:00 am - 11:00 am

Now more than ever, change is constant.

Workplaces are morphing, growing and evolving at every turn. The old rules no longer apply, and all you can expect is the unexpected. It's a work environment that calls for a whole new brand of leadership - one that is fluid, adaptive, and above all, human.

In this workshop, you will explore what the future workplace will look like and the alignment required in four areas: Strategic and Cultural; Leadership; Organizational and Employee. The open space design will encourage exploring, reflecting and being inspired by leaders from various organizations on the West Island.

At the end of the session, you will have an enhanced awareness and inspired ideas about the next steps. Following the workshop, each organization will have the opportunity to participate in our complimentary CEI assessment and receive their results in the four areas focused upon in our session.

Who should attend?

Owners, high level management/leadership in growing organizations that are pro-active, eager to learn and continue to build their organizations for the future.

Our Speaker:

Anne Pertus, co-founder of The Pillars

Anne is passionate about co-creating solutions with people in building human working environments. Imagine that everyday is filled with joy, satisfaction of your contribution towards a well defined purpose and achieving your goals while living your values. All this aligned with the vision, values and objectives of the organization.

Experience with small to large national organizations, Anne has learned the best and the worst of various working environments and felt that something different had to be practiced and lived. Anne often proclaims: ‘’since we spend most of our lives in the workplace, why not enjoy and be fulfilled and not solely be there for a pay check. Do we go to work jazzed for the day ahead? If not, why not?’’ Anne assists clients in exploring, identifying and building on their strengths and reflect on what is needed to build a human working environment.


This conference will be held in English, with bilingual Q&A


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Registration is Mandatory, as places are limited.