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Our financing initiaves

Legal Logik 

A $75,000 loan from Fonds PME MTL and FLS Montréal was granted to Legal Logik Inc. The company offers modern legal services with fixed pricing, online service packages and an expert team of industry-leading lawyers. The loan will be used for the firm’s working capital.

“PME MTL enables us to fund our entrepreneurial initiatives and to obtain advice from business development experts," explained Jamie Benizri, president of Legal Logik Inc.


Photo BV (from left to right): Jamie Benizri, president, Legal Logik Inc., and Nagui Naoum, Project Manager and Management Consultant, PME MTL Centre-Ouest.

Chic Marie

Financing of $60,000 was granted to Chic Marie, an online clothing rental company that offers women access to clothes at affordable prices. These funds will be used to purchase clothes for rental.

Company founder Marie-Philip Simard strives to offer women a way to change up their look as often as they wish. Different colours, styles, fabrics and cuts are all just a few clicks away.


Photo BV: Marie-Philip Simard, founder of Chic Marie.

Johnny Brown

Financing of $35,000 was granted to Johnny Brown Theatrical Accessories, a company that manufactures and sells dance clothes, shoes and accessories. These funds will be used to add a transactional site and to develop a web marketing strategy.

Johnny Brown was founded more than 50 years ago. The firm was recently acquired by Mr. Moshe Lobl and moved this fall to 705 Hodge Street in Saint-Laurent.


Photo BV (from left to right): Marie-Michèle Giroux, Business Consultant – Start-up and Growth, PME MTL Centre-Ouest; and Moshe Lobl, CEO of Johnny Brown.


Financing of $150,000 was granted to Aptovision, an audio and video equipment manufacturer.  These funds will help the firm market its BlueRiver technology.

“Government programs greatly help young, growing businesses achieve their objectives. The support received from PME MTL Centre-Ouest enabled us to develop our company in facilities where we can grow and create many local jobs," said Kamran Ahmed, CEO and co-founder of Aptovision.


Photo BV (from left to right): Kamran Ahmed, CEO and co-founder of Aptovision; Robinson Moïse, Financing and Investment Consultant, PME MTL Centre-Ouest; and Patrick Hamaoui, Project Manager and Management Consultant, PME MTL Centre-Ouest.

Marché Public Sauvé

Our team is proud to have supported Marché Public Sauvé with financing of $15,000 from the Fonds de développement de l’économie sociale (FDÉS). This market is a non-profit organization that promotes access to fresh local fruits and vegetables. The funding helped improve the Marché’s infrastructures.

“We greatly appreciate the support provided by PME MTL Centre-Ouest. We gave Gérard regular updates on our activities, and the advice we received was very helpful. We hope to continue our efforts with PME MTL Centre-Ouest at our side!" said Caroline Raimbault, coordinator of the Marché Ahuntsic-Cartierville project.

Launch of Marché Public Sauvé: For access to fresh local produce


Photo BV (from left to right): Gérard Bernaténé, Business Consultant – Start-up and Growth, PME MTL Centre-Ouest; Émilie Thuillier, councillor for the district of Ahuntsic; Caroline Raimbault, coordinator of Marché Ahuntsic Cartierville; Élyse Rémy, manager of Ville en Vert; and Sophie-Sylvie Gagné, coordinator of Québec en Forme. Photo credit: JDV Philippe Rachiele,

Our involvement

A first job fair for Anthony Housefather

During his 2015 electoral campaign, Anthony Housefather, MP for Mont-Royal, identified one of the pressing needs of many citizens: “finding a job."

On November 13, on his initiative, a very first job fair was organized, featuring résumé correction workshops and a conference on self-marketing given by Professor Harold J. Simpkins.  Representatives of more than 10 companies were on hand to meet with the candidates.

The PME MTL Centre-Ouest job placement service team was also there. Whether at the résumé correction workshops or through networking, the team met with more than 40 job seekers looking for assistance.  Many employers such as ISAIX Technologies, TD Bank, Dynacare, Parasuco and the STM were on hand at La Voie school to offer jobs in the public and private sectors.


Photo BV (from left to right): Marc-André Perron, Executive Director and Jacques Drolet, Human Resources and Career Development Consultant, PME MTL Centre-Ouest ; Anthony Housefather, MP for Mont-Royal; Daisy Romero, Human Resources and Career Development Consultant; Jessica Ramhormozian, Employment Consultant, and Marie-Odile Ninot, Office Clerk, PME MTL Centre-Ouest.

A visit from the Gyeonggi delegation

A delegation from the South Korean province of Gyeonggi paid us a visit on September 8. We were pleased to receive them in our offices to speak to them about the PME MTL network and our services.


Photo BV: The delegation from the South Korean province of Gyeonggi with some members of the PME MTL Centre-Ouest team.

Salon Stratégies PME

As part of the Salon Stratégies PME, the strategies fair for small and medium-size businesses held at Montréal’s Palais des congrès, René Séguin, Project Manager and Management Consultant at PME MTL Centre-Ouest, presented a conference entitled “Œuvrer dans un secteur à maturité: comment continuer à croître malgré tout" (Working in a mature industry: how to continue to grow despite everything).

The conference looked at the early signs of a business operating in an industry that has reached maturity. Solutions and strategies were presented to show that it is possible to ensure the long-term viability of businesses.


Photo BV: René Séguin, Project Manager and Management Consultant for PME MTL Centre-Ouest at the Salon Stratégies PME.

McGill Innovation Week: Build a Start-up with McGill Technology

On November 17, the McGill Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship held its second annual event entitled “Build a Start-up with McGill Technology." This networking activity, sponsored by Invention Development and Entrepreneurship Assistance (IDEA), the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurship and PME MTL Centre-Ouest, brought together student entrepreneurs and McGill professors and researchers looking to create start-ups with their research and innovation. The entrepreneurs were encouraged to enter the McGill Dobson Cup Start-up Competition to aid in the development of their venture.


Photo BV: Nagui Naoum, Project Manager and Management Consultant, PME MTL Centre-Ouest, at the “Build a Start-up with McGill Technology" event.

Partnership between TechnoParc Montréal and PME MTL  

PME MTL Centre-Ouest now has a satellite office at Technoparc Montréal, where it offers its financing and assistance services to entrepreneurs in the life sciences industry. Its “office hours" are Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information or to set up an appointment, please contact Mr. Nagui Naoum, Project Manager and Management Consultant at PME MTL Centre-Ouest:


Launch of a school for entrepreneurs

The launch of the Entrepreneur School was held on November 29 with partners and entrepreneurs in attendance. The school is an initiative of SAJE Montréal Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship, which wanted to provide the city with an institution dedicated to entrepreneurship training.

With the redefinition of Montréal’s economic development ecosystem, initiated by the city in 2015, SAJE, which has more than 30 years of proven expertise assisting and training entrepreneurs in all fields, took the opportunity to carry out its teaching institution project.  The Entrepreneur School, an integral part of the PME MTL network, was made possible thanks to the financial support of the city of Montréal.

Read the press release:

Job placement service

“Tell me about yourself" – How should you answer this question?  
By: Jessica Ramhormozian, Employment Consultant, PME MTL Centre-Ouest

Whether it’s at a job fair, in an elevator or during an interview, answering this question well will enable you to clearly convey your employment objective. A well-structured, specific answer will make it easier for the interviewer to refer you.

Furthermore, speaking fluidly, clearly and enthusiastically will give the employer a good first impression of you.  You have only a short, limited amount of time to talk about yourself, so use each second effectively.

Bring something unique to the table

What is your ultimate employment objective? Why do you want to work for them? Why is the job a good fit for you? Employers don’t want to know your life story, but they do want to know what makes you tick and what sets you apart from the other candidates.

I like to say that this question is a perfect opportunity to express who you are. So:

1.    Listen very carefully to the job offer. You have to understand exactly what the recruiter is looking for.
2.    Always make a connection between your profile and the job. Show that the job requirements match what you have already accomplished. Explain what your recent jobs enabled you to learn and tie this in with the requirements of the job.
3.    Be brief and summarize your professional career (diploma, number of years of experience, expertise, responsibilities you are qualified for, etc.).
4.    Be strategic, but genuine. And above all, don’t forget to smile!

New talent on the team!

The PME MTL Centre-Ouest team is pleased to welcome four new colleagues. We look forward to working with them!


Photo BV (from left to right): Jessica Ramhormozian, Employment Consultant; Patrick Hamaoui, Project Manager and Management Consultant; Marie-Odile Ninot, Office Clerk; and Sandrine Cohen, Business Consultant.

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