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Happy Hotels is revolutionizing personnel training

Entrepreneur’s corner | Nov 13, 2021

Augmented reality represents a true innovation in employee training in the food service, hotel and hospitality industry. In light of this, PME MTL is pleased to support Happy Hotels in attracting clients and formulating its offer.

Gone are the days of burdening employees in training with notebooks full of explanations, procedures and rules to follow. Happy Hotels offers restaurants, hotels and other operators in the recreational tourism sector a fun and immersive training option that focuses on augmented reality.

In the words of Isabelle Leblond, Founder of Happy Hotels: “ If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a demonstration is worth even more. For example, through the use of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, future chefs can virtually see the kitchen they will be working in, the equipment they will be using, the dishes they will be preparing, and more. Similarly, training in the hotel industry addresses tasks related to welcoming and reservations. We can simulate a variety of scenarios, and trainees can even serve virtual clients represented by avatars. ”

Pénélope Paradis-Gravel, Consultant –  Commercialization of Innovations, Digital Industries at PME MTL Centre-Ville, offers her perspective: “ This type of futuristic approach results in better retention of information. In addition, the participants can not only experience the tasks they will be carrying out at their actual workplaces, but they can do it at home, at a time and under conditions that are convenient to them. This leads to the type of autonomous learning that reinforces a sense of effectiveness. ”

Demystifying augmented reality

Of course, when you introduce new methods, you have to think about communicating with future users and “educating” them. Consequently, PME MTL is working closely with Isabelle Leblond to develop the sales pitch and service offer and to establish a pricing structure and marketing communication strategy, including the brand positioning and image.

According to Pénélope Paradis-Gravel: “ The challenges are substantial, because augmented reality is still a mystery to so many people, despite its user-friendliness. In light of this, discussions must be adapted to future purchasers to ensure that the benefits are not washed away among concerns related to new technology. ”

We would like to develop the project even more by creating a virtual employee, like a Siri for tourism

Happy Hotels has also taken advantage of PME MTL’s Fonds Accélérateurs et incubateurs universitaires (university incubator and accelerator fund) to create a collaborative, virtual and remote training project thanks to the new platform “Présentielle Virtuelle” that was developed in response to the reality surrounding the pandemic.

“ The assistance that I received from PME MTL was priceless. Its experts are extremely attentive, whether things are going smoothly or whether you are in a period of doubt. In addition, any time I contact them with a last minute issue, they are always available to listen to me, provide me with advice and build me up, ” Leblond explains.

A truly customizable tool

The training options offered by Happy Hotels can be customized in accordance with its clients’  specific problems and situations. Isabelle Leblond and her team have also developed turnkey programs for general issues affecting the industry : risk prevention in the kitchen, handling of hazardous materials, working in collaboration with colleagues, etc.

The challenges are substantial because augmented reality is still a mystery to so many people, despite its user-friendliness 

The technology allows for modules to be updated easily as new needs and issues arise. In addition to saving on training costs, employers benefit by freeing up the time of those who are responsible for this area of activity so that they can focus on other operations. “ Customization, ease of use and efficiency are the pillars of our service. ”

Derivative products

“ These days, every employee has a smart phone. We recently released a mobile version that will allow for a gradual digital transition and represent added value for clients of Happy Hotels. With restaurateurs constantly hiring younger staff, using innovative and contemporary tools to attract employees represents a competitive advantage for the employer’s brand, ” Isabelle Leblond affirms.

At the same time, the emerging business is working on other derivative products and services related to issues involving personnel. “ For example, we have developed a concept that allows clients to avoid having to wait before giving their order or receiving the bill. They can place their order with a virtual server, which can immediately suggest an accompanying wine. The profile that we started with is that of a server, but we would like to develop the project even more by creating a virtual employee, like a Siri for tourism, for the concierge desk, the reception desk, etc. ”


Happy Hotels is supported by PME MTL Centre-Ville

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