Gouin West Entrepreneurship Contest

PME MTL Centre-Ouest and the Association des gens d’affaires de Gouin Ouest are launching the Gouin West Entrepreneurship Contest financed by Ville de Montréal.


This contest, which is part of the PRAM-Artère en chantier municipal program, follows the major work done on Gouin Boulevard West since 2016. It will allow for the revitalization of the thoroughfare between De Serres Street to the east and Laurentien Boulevard to the west, by encouraging the establishment of new businesses and the diversification of existing commercial activities.

The Gouin West Entrepreneurship Contest is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs who want to set up a retail establishment to serve both residents and workers in the neighbourhood.

Located a stone’s throw from beautiful parks and the banks of the Rivière-des-Prairies in the borough of Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Gouin Boulevard is known as the longest street on the island of Montréal. According to the business census conducted by Ville de Montréal, Gouin Boulevard West is categorized as a neighbourhood commercial street. Frequented by local residents as well as by Hôpital Sacré-Cœur de Montréal visitors and patients, the commercial offer of Gouin Boulevard West, on the blocks concerned, comprises 78 places of business.

There are currently 7 street-level vacancies:

Registration period

Your application must be submitted before October 31, 2018.

Important dates

October 31, 2018: End of the registration period
November 30, 2018: Selection of the winners by the contest committee
January 2019: Official announcement of the winners

Awards offered

A sum of $100,000 will be divided up and awarded to the winning entrepreneurs who will be chosen to occupy the vacant premises on Gouin Boulevard West in 2019.  Each amount awarded will be determined according to the nature, size and needs of the business project.

PME MTL Centre-Ouest will offer assistance to all the candidates who apply. Specific support will be given to the winners.

Eligibility conditions

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • Present a business project for setting up a neighbourhood retail establishment (restaurant, grocery store, bakery, clothing store, accessories shop, decoration store, etc.).
  • Want to set up shop in one of the above-mentioned vacant premises or substantially transform your product and/or service offering (if your business is already located on Gouin Boulevard West).
  • Plan to open your shop or business establishment before summer 2019.
  • Be a sole proprietorship, corporation, cooperative or non-profit organization (NPO).
  • Meet the consumer needs of neighbourhood residents and workers identified in the Zins Beauchesne et Associés market study.
  • Demonstrate the financial viability of your project.
  • Agree to meet with a jury.
  • Submit all the required documents before the contest deadline, no later than October 31, 2018.

Required documents

  • My Business Project document, duly completed.
  • Your financial forecasts for the first two years of operation of your business (you can use our online model: Cash budget).
  • The résumé(s) of the entrepreneur(s).

Award conditions

When the winners are announced, an agreement will be signed between the project proponent and PME MTL Centre-Ouest to confirm the granting of each award.

Assessment criteria

  • Meets neighbourhood needs (30 %)
  • Project soundness: business plan, market analysis and financial forecasts (20 %)
  • Innovative and/or distinctive client experience (10 %)
  • Soundness of the entrepreneurial profile (10 %)
  • Attractive potential / growth of local customer traffic (10 %)
  • Economic spinoffs of the project (jobs, investments, etc.) (10 %)
  • Project fits the premises concerned (5 %)
  • Project quality and overall assessment (5 %)
  • TOTAL (100 %)


PME MTL Centre-Ouest
Ms. Mélissa Le Royer
Communications Consultant
Tel.: 514-858-1018, ext. 46

Ms. Stéphanie Airaud
Business Consultant
Tel.: 514-858-1018, ext. 44

Association des gens d’affaires de Gouin Ouest
Ms. Isabel Massey
Project Manager
Tel.: 514-912-0329

To apply

To apply, please complete the following form and upload all the required documents via the platform below:

Fill out my online form.


1350 Mazurette street

Suite 400

Montreal, QC H4N 1H2

514 858-1018

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