Job placement service | PME MTL

Job placement service

Looking for a job? The human resources experts at PME MTL are there to help eligible candidates develop a winning job search strategy.


You must:

  • live in the Montréal agglomeration
  • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • be collecting employment insurance or have no income
  • not be receiving assistance from another job-seeking organization

Services offered

  • Personalized meetings with experienced advisors
  • Improving your résumé
  • Polishing your LinkedIn profile
  • Providing advice and tips on hiring interviews
  • Identifying job opportunities
  • Submitting applications to employers

The human resources experts at PME MTL are your allies in developing a winning job search strategy.

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Their advisors are really dedicated, highly competent and always willing to answer questions. I wholeheartedly recommend the services offered by PME MTL! - Técia P.
The professionals at PME MTL supported me and encouraged me throughout the process, from writing my résumé to taking the interview. Their advice was extremely useful and they have a very personable approach. - Émilie T.
I really appreciated the support I got from the PME MTL advisors. I had been looking for a job that matched my professional skills and expectations for a long time. The group workshops, practical and personalized advice and individual meetings with advisers helped speed up my job search. Thanks so much for your help! - Claudia S.

Service offered thanks to funding from Emploi-Québec.