Transferring Your Business

Buying and selling businesses is very common these days. The PME MTL experts know that this type of change means important decisions for both buyer and seller, and are there to guide both parties through the process.

Business development advisory services

  • Analyzing the approach and progress in transferring the business
  • Supporting succession planning
  • Identifying potential financial partners
  • Referrals to specialized, skilled and experienced resources

Support for human resources management

  • Supporting the optimization of human resources management
  • Advising on recruitment

Subsidies and financing

Funds available

  • Fonds PME MTL and Fonds local de solidarité Montréal (local solidarity fund)
  • Fonds de développement de l’économie sociale (FDÉS) (social economy development fund)
  • Fonds Jeunes Entreprises (young business fund)
  • CréAvenir

  See Financing provided by PME MTL

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