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Are you a small business owner looking for a coworking space in Montréal? Coworking spaces in Montréal come with many advantages, and are ideal for startups and small businesses. Benefits such as the coaching services and networking opportunities offered in rental spaces are not to be overlooked when starting a business. Learning to be an entrepreneur is no small feat, but with the support of the professionals you share your space with, you increase your chances of success.

To help you find the right coworking space in Montréal for your needs, we've compiled the following business directories. We've also put together a detailed list of different buildings, rental spaces and coworking spaces in Montréal. You will have access to detailed information on each of these locations. These tools are the work of the professionals at PME MTL, who identify and organize useful and practical information.

Co-working spaces and incubators in Montréal (in french)

PME MTL Centre-Ville has created this mapping tool to help entrepreneurs find co-working spaces and business incubators and accelerators on Montréal Island. It lists and identifies the different types of spaces and describes the characteristics of each organization.

For business incubators and accelerators, some additional information is included:

To suggest an organization not shown on the map, please contact PME MTL Centre-Ville.


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