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Parcours Innovation PME Montréal

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Montréal looking for innovative solutions can now take advantage of a new initiative: Parcours Innovation PME Montréal (in French).

This initiative by PME Montréal is intended to boost innovation in the 30 SMEs selected by an independent jury on the basis of specific criteria. The goal is to offer the companies a structured coaching experience that will foster their growth. Aside from the creative immersion experience and lectures by C2MTL, these businesses will also have a chance to attend training activities and workshops offered by Emploi-Québec, ADRIQ-RCTi and HEC Montréal’s Mosaic.

InnoClub Montréal

A group of businesses committed to improving their performance, and providing entrepreneurs with a specialized marketing team to support their innovation efforts.

The workshops and coaching offered by InnoClub Montréal are open to all businesses on Montréal Island. The aim is to make them more competitive and to encourage creativity among business leaders by focussing on new ways of doing things.


For further information on InnoClub Montréal, contact Aziz Guellouz, Financing and Innovation Commissioner with PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest.

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