Starting a business requires a good deal of audacity, tenacity, and preparation. An aspiring entrepreneur must get involved in all spheres of his project. However, since no one is an expert in all areas, it is important to surround yourself with the right people; this is where the PME MTL experts come in.

Whether it is to guide you during the exploratory phase, to validate your business plan, to find tools and resources to meet your specific needs, or to refine your financing package, our experts will support you during the start-up phase of your business and help you face the challenges of entrepreneurship.

PME MTL supports start-ups in all sectors of activity. Our experts support the development of business competitiveness, whether for profit or social economy, and encourage the adoption of better business practices.

Our support service offered to business start-ups

We offer a wide range of services to help Montréal entrepreneurs start their business. Every business is unique. That is why we are proud to offer personalized support which is adapted to your specific needs and realities.

Here are some of the key elements of our support service dedicated to start-ups:

  • Information workshops to guide you through various steps
  • Introduction to partners or specialized organizations that can help you with the preparation of your project and your business plan
  • Online tips and resources (business plan templates, financial forecasts, market research, etc.)
  • Validation of your business project
  • Optimization of your business plan or marketing plan
  • Analysis of your market study and your financial projections
  • Support during the financing package
  • Identification of various funding opportunities for your project
  • Support with staff recruitment

Our company specializes in supporting and financing business, and our experts are able to help you get started on a solid foundation. We also offer many other related services for entrepreneurs.

Do you want to go further?

The École des entrepreneurs du Québec, one of the many partners of PME MTL, is dedicated to enabling you develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Entrepreneurs also have access to a mentoring program offered in collaboration with M Network, which pairs them with experienced business owners.

If you have questions or need more information about the start-up support service, contact your service center.

Most of the services offered by PME MTL are free.

Specialized resources

In order to offer personalized support, PME MTL has specialized resources in several sectors:


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