PME MTL Ouest-de-l'Île remits a grant of $ 30 000 to Carrefour d’entraide Lachine

PME MTL Ouest-de-l'Île is proud to remit a grant of $ 30 000 from the Fonds de développement de l’économie sociale (FDÉS)  to Carrefour d’entraide Lachine, a community organisation situated in Lachine.

Founded in 1978, the Carrefour d’entraide Lachine meets the essential needs of underprivileged people of Lachine and it aims to improve their quality of life by providing services adapted to their situation and public awareness activities in concert with other similar community organizations.

This financial aid will be used for the restructuring of the kitchens.  This project will allow for a bigger secure working space for their services including collective kitchen, lunch boxes, food distribution, and cooking classes. The planning of purchases as well as the food distribution will also be facilitated.

Discover Carrefour d’entraide Lachine here.

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