E-commerce logistics

Selling online involves some highly developed skills in logistics, to handle everything from managing inventory to preparing orders to choosing a shipping method. Having the right logistics is central to the success of any e-commerce activity. Fast, low-cost delivery will not only have a direct impact on your profitability, but will also contribute to building consumer loyalty through a superior purchase experience.

Find out how our e-commerce logistics services can help you optimize your logistics so you can focus on what pays the most: sales.

Our services offered to Montréal businesses  

PME MTL's experts can provide technical assistance as well as support companies in their decision-making processes when it comes to e-commerce logistics.

Here are the key elements of our support services for companies selling online:  

  • Pre-diagnosis of e-commerce operations  
  • Assistance for selecting a new logistics service provider  
  • Assistance for outsourcing logistics activities  
  • Support for the transition to green logistics activities for e-business
  • Referral to specialized or expert resources, as needed   

Our services offered to the logistics industry   

To meet the needs of companies in terms of efficient logistics, our service aims to federate the logistics sector in order to increase the cohesion, competitiveness, growth and influence of the entire sector. Here are the key elements of our support services for logistics companies:  

  • Entry in the register of logistics service providers specializing in e-commerce   
  • Start-up assistance for new specialized services for e-commerce
  • Participation in collaborative innovation projects for the industry  
  • Referral to specialized or expert resources, as needed  

Our experts can also guide companies in their search for financing. You may also want to check out all the types of financing offered by PME MTL to help you with your e-business project.

To learn more about our e-commerce logistics support service, feel free to contact us by email.

Services offered by the e-commerce and logistics experts at PME MTL are free of charge.


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