Our Businesses to Watch of 2020

Have a look at the team's financing projects since the beginning of January. 


Life sciences. Manufacturer of softgel capsules for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and CBD industries. Focused on providing consistently high-quality products, their partners trust them to help bring their products to market. Capcium is now based in Pointe-Claire.


Cleantech. Developper of innovative, low-cost building solutions that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Their technology enables the production of cement-free, carbon-negative concrete using industrial by-products and captured CO2.

Now based in Lachine, Carbicrete in the opening of its new production plant in a 10 275 sqf industrial building.


Fintech. Software-as-a service (SaaS) that builds B2B transaction tools that improve business cash flow. Their platform allows to create and send eQuotes, eSign agreements, automate billing, input credit cards, send payment requests with payment method options and payment terms and enventually . Cashflow is based in Dorval.

  • Project: Business launch and accelerate the conversion of beta phase clients to paying clients, launch of short term loan functionnality and overall platform, creation of sales channel via 3rd party referencing.
  • Support: Financing, Commercialisation
  • Team: Jean Archambault, Nathalie Robitaille

CO7 Technologies

Manufacturing – energy. Innovative company specializing in low voltage (LV) and medium voltage (MV) electrical distribution equipment for utilities worldwide. CO7 Technologies is based in Lachine.

In a Blink

Technology. Transit vehicles collect large amounts of operational data while in service: telemetry, fare collection, health monitoring, security. IAB's platform aims transfer large amounts of data wirelessly between fixed and mobile IOTs (Internet of things) at speeds greater than 1.5Gbps. With better data come better analysis and better business decisions resulting in improved operations and a better bottom line. In a Blink is based in Pointe-Claire.

  • Project: Business launch and marketing plan implementation aimed to boost the brand within it's target markets
  • Support: Financing, Commercialisation
  • Team: Jean Archambault, Nathalie Robitaille


Healthtech. Develops and distributes healthcare and medication compliance solutions for insurers and workers compensation boards. Medhelper is based in Pointe-Claire.

  • Project: Business launch and business development aiming to conclude contracts with Canadian industry leaders and access the US market
  • Support: Financing, Commercialisation
  • Team: Jean Archambault, Nathalie Robitaille


Manufacturing – metal and machinery. Industrial and residential specialist producing fire extinguishers, duct hardware/accessories, fire rated door, kitchen sinks and storage shelves. Technopro is based in Dorval. 

We Cook

Manufacturing – food. Leader in fresh home-cooked fast food. They save time in the kitchen, without sacrificing the quality or flavor of food. Sourced from local suppliers, all their meals are carefully prepared by their chefs at their factory and vacuum packed to stay fresh for more than seven days. We Cook has recently moved their offices to Dorval.

Zetane Systems

Technology. develops the digital tools needed to expedite the responsible, inclusive and trustworthy development of artificial intelligence. Moving beyond computer code, their software platform enables you to work with advanced data sets and build sophisticated machine learning algorithms in an intuitive, visual 3D environment. Zetane Systems is now based in Pointe-Claire.

  • Project: Business launch and build a marketing team focusing on brand outreach through educational content relevant to their target clients
  • Support: Financing, Commercialisation, Real Estate
  • Team: Jean Archambault, Nathalie Robitaille, John Burrascano


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