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PME MTL's mission

A strong network of experts

The mission of PME MTL, Ville de Montréal support network for businesses, is to anticipate and support the socioeconomic development of our communities in an integrated, concerted and sustainable manner.

Our experts, in six service hubs, support private-sector and social-economy entrepreneurs in all industries.

PME MTL acts as a true catalyst in developing entrepreneurship, working hand-in-hand with a vast network of partners and bringing together entrepreneurs with different experts, stakeholders as well as financial assistance and program managers.

It all makes PME MTL the largest network of experts serving Montréal entrepreneurs.

PME MTL supports the creation of strong businesses that generate employment and contribute to Montréal’s economic growth.


1350, rue Mazurette

Bureau 400

Montréal, Québec, H4N 1H2

514 858-1018
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