Partners of PME MTL Centre-Ouest

The PME MTL network relies on an extensive network of partners

PME MTL network partners contribute to the support offered to Montréal entrepreneurs, providing both financing and services.

FTQ Fonds de solidarité and the Fonds local de solidarité

The Fonds local de solidarité available through the PME MTL network is made possible thanks to a valuable partner, the FTQ Fonds de solidarité. The agreement is in line with the FTQ’s mission of contributing to Quebec’s economic growth by creating and preserving jobs by investing in businesses in all sectors of the province’s economy.

Emploi-Québec and its job placement service

As part of a partnership with Emploi-Québec, PME MTL matches businesses looking for new talent with applicants screened by the six PME MTL hubs.

Fondation de l’entrepreneurship and its Réseau M

Thanks to a partnership with the Fondation de l’entrepreneurship, Montréal entrepreneurs in search of mentors have access to Réseau M, the Foundation’s mentorship network. There are mentorship cells throughout the PME MTL network.  

Mouvement Desjardins and its Créavenir program

This program is intended for entrepreneurs from 18 to 35 who are starting up a business or have operated a business for less than three years. The Créavenir program gives them the financial means to achieve their business goals, with a line of credit and a grant of up to $20,000. Entrepreneurs can access the program through the six PME MTL hubs.


Futurpreneur offers specialized services and financing programs to help entrepreneurs from 18 to 39 launch a business. It’s a natural partner for the PME MTL network, to give young entrepreneurs the support they need and guide them toward success. 

Fondation Montréal Inc. 

The Foundation’s mission is to assist young Montréal entrepreneurs as they aim for success, with personalized coaching and start-up grants. Its consultants work closely with those of PME MTL to support start-ups.

Montréal agglomeration and its boroughs and the Quebec government

The work of the PME MTL network is made possible thanks to financial support from the Ville de Montréal and the Quebec


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