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Ada Panduro
Director - Commercialization and Innovation, Bio-food

Ada Panduro

Director - Commercialization and Innovation, Bio-food

514 858-1018 (50)

Language spoken
French, English, Spanish


Ada held international sales management positions in the agri-food industry for several years. She is trilingual (French, English and Spanish), and she is experienced on strategic planning, market research, market development, major accounts management, and marketing strategies that concern the biofood sector.  She has worked closely with a great diversity of players in food products’ commercialization, including industrial and commercial accounts, brokers, distributors located in North America, Latin America, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

By being a direct contributor to sales and marketing teams, she got first-hand experience on what it is at stake to plan and execute a business plan to attain wide-distribution. She understands well the opportunities and challenges for Québec food companies in business development.

She is very motivated to continue her contribution for the benefit of local companies in their path to grow their business here and abroad.

Montréal’s food industry should seize today’s opportunities to shine!  I am most eager to help our local companies to attain them!


1350, rue Mazurette

Bureau 400

Montréal, Québec, H4N 1H2

514 858-1018
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