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Area of PME MTL Est-de-l'Île

The East of Montréal, an innovative incubator with extraordinary development opportunities

Strategic location

  • Unique transport infrastructures: Port of Montréal, Highways and train tracks
  • Vast industrial spaces, commercial and residential spaces available for future developments
  • Innovative industrial park zones

A dynamic industrial synergy

The territory includes 42% of all the industrial parks on the island of Montréal. They bring together various sized companies working in various sectors of activity:

  • Metal Product Manufacturing
  • Chemicals, petrochemicals and plastics
  • Crafted furniture and wood
  • Construction
  • Agribusiness
  • Transport and logistics

A population with strong growth potential and a desired living environment

  • Residential areas with development capacities
  • Business opportunities created from an high growth population
  • Multiple touristic activities
  • A territory bordered by both the St-Laurent river and the Rivière-des-Prairies
  • PME MTL Est-de-l’Île covers a territory of 93 km2 and account for 19% of the total area of the island of Montréal

Support and funding for entrepreneurs. Startups, acquisition and growth for businesses in eastern Montréal also relies on the expertise of PME MTL Est-de-l’Île team of professionals. We provide support in the development of competitive businesses and the recruitment of its workforce. We welcome you to choose a strategic location in the eastern Montréal.


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