Established company owners must ensure the growth of their business, improve their competitiveness, and implement innovative business strategies. PME MTL assists small and medium-sized businesses that are already established, in all sectors of activity. Our experts support the development of business competitiveness, whether for profit or social economy, and encourage the adoption of better business practices.

Our focus is to help you achieve the growth objectives of your business. With the support of a PME MTL expert, you will also be joining a vast network of local businesses.

Support offered for business growth

Our experts are here to help. You will receive services that are adapted to your business objectives. Here are the key elements that constitute our business growth support service:

  • Analysis of your growth needs and consulting services for your development project
  • Validation of the financing package and capital structure
  • Support in the search for financing
  • Support in marketing and export
  • Support with staff recruitment
  • Securing partners who will support your growth projects

At PME MTL, we specialize in supporting business owners by helping them reach sustainable growth objectives, while also offering other related services such as mentoring and financing.

Do you want to go further?

With well-established partners such as the École des entrepreneurs du Québec, and the M Network (which pairs young entrepreneurs with experienced business owners), PME MTL is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with the proper skills for ensuring sustainable business growth.

If you have any questions about the support service dedicated to reaching growth objectives, do not hesitate to contact your service center.

Most of the services offered by PME MTL are free.

Specialized resources

In order to offer a more personalized support service, PME MTL has specialized resources in several sectors:


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