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Gaëtan Cirefice
Director, Management and Financing – Social Economy

Gaëtan Cirefice

Director, Management and Financing – Social Economy

514 494-2606 (242)

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French, English


Initially graduating with a Master's degree in biology as part of an exchange program between McGill University in Montréal and Université de Lille in France, Gaëtan by chance became involved in a social economy project in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district when he helped create a cooperative in 2005. Bitten by the social economy bug, he then founded two other cooperatives in 2009 and in 2013. Called upon take up new challenges in 2015, he took over the management of a very young food solidarity cooperative in Montréal North. He developed it from the pre-start up stage to the expansion phase where he participated with a network of local partners in implementing two structuring initiatives for the citizens of the borough:  Système Alimentaire pour Tous and Marchés du Nord. Wishing to complement his field experience, he took courses in business management at HEC Montréal. Driven by a desire to help others achieve their business projects, he is a strong believer in social economy and promotes it wherever he goes!

Seeing the dreams and ideas of entrepreneurs come to fruition and take on one of the forms of the social economy with our support is very rewarding!


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