Anaïs Bertoluci-Pérez
Social Economy Business Advisor

Anaïs Bertoluci-Pérez

Social Economy Business Advisor

514 765-7212

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French, English, Portuguese, Spanish


The social context of business drew the interest of Anaïs Bertoluci-Pérez when she first entered McGill to study for her Bachelor degree in International Management with specialization in Strategy and Social Entrepreneurship. During her studies, she became aware of the strength of the social economy in terms of promoting change within the business world.

Backed by her experience in strategic management and consulting, and especially in socially oriented start-up businesses, Anaïs believes in the value of merging economic and community development as a solution to today’s major issues. Relying on her analytical spirit and multidisciplinary competencies, Anaïs provides support for social economy businesses at PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest.

Grand Sud-Ouest

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Montréal, Québec, H4G 1T9

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