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This section contains information pertaining to media and to partners and businesses that are authorized to use PME MTL brand image.

Media relations

Our Communications team is always available to provide information concerning the PME MTL network ans coordinate interviews with our experts.

For media requests:

Brand image

The two lines of the logo represent the link between entrepreneurs and the expertise of PME MTL. The logo must always be used in contrast with the environment in which it appears. The logo background must always remain visible.

Authorization to use logos belonging to the PME MTL network

Any use of the logos belonging to the PME MTL network must be authorized by PME MTL. For authorization, contact

The use of any of these logos without authorization is prohibited.

Graphic standards

Usage guide for logos belonging to the PME MTL network (document only available in French)

Logo library

PME MTL logos

PME MTL Centre-Est logos

PME MTL Centre-Ouest logos

PME MTL Centre-Ville logos

PME MTL Est-de-l’Île logos

PME MTL Grand Sud-Ouest logos

PME MTL Ouest-de-l'Île logos

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