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Commercialization of innovations

Commercializing an innovation requires a strong will and a good knowledge of the market. Accelerating sales, soliciting new customers, and exploring new markets are significant challenges for any SME. A good innovative idea that you cannot sell can often lead to failure. It is therefore important for a company to surround itself with experts to strengthen its ability to successfully market its innovation.

Find out how, with help from the experts at PME MTL, you could start, develop, or grow your innovative business.

Our support service tailored to the commercialization of innovations

PME MTL experts can help you financially and technically in the various phases of your commercialization project. The support offered by PME MTL takes into consideration the entrepreneur's needs to market his innovation.

Here are the key elements that constitute our support service tailored to the commercialization of innovations:

  • Advice in the development, positioning, and completion of your commercialization projects
  • Support in the validation and optimization stages of the marketing strategy
  • Support in optimizing the marketing strategy for your innovation
  • Orientation in your search for financing
  • Reference to specialized resources as needed

Our funds dedicated to the commercialization of innovations

Financing is an important step in commercializing an innovation. PME MTL offers funds to financially support new and existing companies in the validation and optimization of their commercialization strategy.

Discover financing options for the marketing innovations at PME MTL.

You can also visit our financing page to discover other financing methods offered by PME MTL.

For any questions concerning our offer in innovations commercialization, do not hesitate to contact your service center.

Most of the services offered by PME MTL are free.


How to benefit from these services?

PME MTL offers coaching and financing services to entrepreneurs based on the borough or city in which the company is located. When you select your area on the map at the bottom of the page, you will be directed to the relevant Service Centre. ↓

Specific intervention sectors

PME MTL offers support for the commercialization of innovations to companies operating in five high-potential economic sectors.

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