Industrial and sustainable development

Manufacturing companies are increasingly challenged and impacted by new technological, environmental, social, and economic trends. Promoting the establishment of industrial SMEs, and guaranteeing the performance and growth of current manufacturing companies, are crucial to the development of this sector.

Aware of these new trends and the need to adapt to ensure their survival, entrepreneurs and manufacturing company managers are at the heart of challenges, such as the integration of new technologies, the adoption of new management practices, adapting their business model, managing their operations, and strategic planning.

Discover how the experts at PME MTL can assist you in the transition to industrial and sustainable development strategies.

Our support for industrial and sustainable development

PME MTL experts support companies and manufacturers with industrial and sustainable development strategies throughout the project’s growth, implementation, or transfer. We promote the adoption of innovative technologies and processes, such as the 4.0 shift and automation in general, as well as the implementation of research and development projects, while encouraging eco-responsible practices.  

The industrial and sustainable development consulting services offered by PME MTL can be adapted to the contexts of manufacturing SMEs wishing to improve their practices. Here is what our business development experts can do for you:

  • Diagnosis and analysis of current situation in manufacturing companies
  • Support with installation and relocation projects
  • Personalized support for growth and innovation
  • Support with business projects aimed at implementing new technologies and better practices in terms of sustainable development
  • Orientation toward tools and resources aimes at improving practices in industrial and sustainable development
  • Put your business in contact with specialized organizations in the field of industrial and sustainable development

Our fund dedicated to industrial and sustainable development

Any project that requires improvement with its production methods, in order to make a transition towards greener practices, requires the right funding. PME MTL holds a fund created specifically for industrial and sustainable development.

The Industrial and Sustainable Development Fund aims to stimulate or accelerate innovation, and the implementation of industrial and sustainable development practices among companies operating in the manufacturing sector.  

You can read about other types of financing offered by PME MTL.

If you have any question about our support services for industrial and sustainable development strategies, do not hesitate to contact your service center.

Most of the services offered by PME MTL are free.


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