Contests and grants

PME MTL organizes several contests and calls for projects as part of its funding mandate to help Montréal entrepreneurs, where grants and support are offered to entrepreneurs. Each program aims to meet the specific needs of Montréal's territories.

Contests organized by PME MTL


Businesses play a fundamental role in the vitality of neighbourhoods and the quality of life of Montréalers. To encourage commercial entrepreneurship initiatives and stimulate the attractiveness of commercial arteries, PME MTL, in collaboration with partners, offers programs for certain arteries and specific sectors.

To learn more about the contests, see the following pages:

Technology businesses

Call for projects

PME MTL organizes multiple call for projects to make its financial assistance available to as many people as possible. To read more about these call for projects, visit the following pages:

Other programs managed by PME MTL

Collégial en affaires

Collégial en affaires is a three-part program which aims to stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit among college students. Since 2016, through the Collégial en affaires program, nearly 1,000 students have been made aware of entrepreneurship and more than 50 projects have been initiated.

For more information, visit the Collégial en affaires program webpage.

Circuit 4.0

PME MTL's Circuit 4.0 aims to support manufacturing companies in the Greater Southwest and West Island in their digital transformation.

This program offers personalized coaching adapted to the needs of companies in this sector in order to bring them into the 4.0 manufacturing era.

To learn more, visit the Circuit 4.0 program page.


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