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Launching the District e-commerce contest

When the stores close their doors, consumers must turn to the Internet to make purchases. This is a boon for e-commerce businesses, which experienced an explosion in online sales in 2020.

Supporting future leaders in the e-commerce sector

Although the acceleration of the digital revolution may have taken the world by storm, it has also enabled new businesses to see the light of day. Against the backdrop of a post-pandemic recovery, the experts in E-commerce logistics at PME MTL Centre-Ouest and the Société de développement commercial (SDC) District Central have opted to launch an entrepreneurial contest aimed at encouraging and supporting future leaders in the e-commerce sector.

This contest is intended for e-commerce businesses that were created within the last 5 years, that are already selling online via their own transactional site, and that would like to establish a presence in one of the 5 business districts that comprise the District Central.

The District Central: The place to be for online businesses

The District Central neighbourhood has seen considerable growth in popularity over a number of years among small and large players in the e-commerce sector, thanks to the flexibility and affordability of available working spaces.

Ideally situated for ease of access via public transit, the District Central boasts an enviable geographic location. The neighbourhood can be found in the centre of the Island of Montréal, serving as a link between the eastern and western sectors of the City, and as an intersection between downtown Montréal and Laval.

The Central District is the most central industrial sector in the City. It provides rapid access to all major road corridors. The diversity of the sector is unique. There is a heightened expectation of continued development within the district, because it is attracting business from a variety of sectors, like mine.

Alex Sereno - Barista micro-roaster

This fast-growing area is now home to nearly 1,800 businesses and more than 25,000 workers, making it the 4th largest district in Montréal in terms of job concentration.

$100,000 to be won in 3 exceptional grants

With a view to promoting e-commerce within its territory, PME MTL Centre-Ouest is thinking big, joining with public and private partners like SDC District Central, Desjardins, Cascades, Shopify, Canada Post and ClickSpace.

Taking advantage of the complementarity of their service offers, the contest partners have created a veritable customized ecosystem for the 3 winning businesses: implementation grant, free transactional site platform for one year, reduced fees for delivery and a specialized coworking space, strategic consultation and mentoring, creation of promotional content, etc.

Entrepreneurs who would like to enter the contest have until June 30, 2021 to submit an application.

Visit the contest webpage →


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