District e-commerce contest

Supporting future leaders in the e-commerce sector

PME MTL Centre-Ouest, in cooperation with SDC District Central, is launching an entrepreneurial contest aimed at supporting future leaders in the e-commerce sector: District e-commerce.

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For the first time since it was founded, PME MTL Centre-Ouest is joining with major partners to promote e-commerce within its territory.

The District e-commerce contest is intended primarily for young e-commerce businesses that are looking to establish themselves (or that are already established) in the District Central neighbourhood.

Photo des 3 entrepreneurs de Barista

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The Central District is the most central industrial sector in the City. It provides rapid access to all major road corridors. The diversity of the sector is unique. There is a heightened expectation of continued development within the district, because it is attracting business from a variety of sectors, like mine

Alex Sereno - Barista microtorréfacteur

The Central District: A major hub for e-commerce businesses

The District Central neighbourhood has been experiencing considerable growth in popularity for a number of years. It is now home to small and large players in the e-commerce sector, including SSENSE, Golf Avenue, Barista, Indyeva, Main and Local and many others.

With more than 25 000 000 sq. ft. of commercial and industrial space, the Central District comprises 5 business districts in an area served by 2 metro stations, 11 bus lines, 3 train lines and 2 highway on-ramps.

The territory boasts incredible potential and benefits from a number of major assets that have helped to quickly establish its reputation. This booming neighbourhood is currently developing around 3 main business hubs: design, urban manufacturing and technology. It hosts close to 1,800 businesses and 25,000 workers, making it the 4th largest district in Montréal in terms of job concentration. This is the new business district!

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Financial and strategic partners supporting the next generation of Montreal e-merchants

For this 1st edition of the District e-commerce contest, PME MTL Centre-Ouest, SDC District Central, Desjardins, Cascades, Shopify, Canada Post and ClickSpace are working together to offer a complete ecosystem to the three winners.

$100,000 to be won in 3 exceptional grants

Grand prize presented by Desjardins*

  • $30,000 grant
  • Free one-year package offered by Shopify
  • Gift card valued at $5,500 offered by Canada Post
  • 50% discount for the 1st year offered by ClickSpace
  • Production of a promotional video and a professional photo session

Jury prize presented by Cascades*

  • $25,000 grant
  • Free one-year package offered by Shopify
  • Gift card valued at $3,000 offered by Canada Post
  • Three free months offered by ClickSpace
  • Production of a promotional video and a professional photo session

Award of honour*

  • $10,000 grant
  • Free one-year package offered by Shopify
  • Gift card valued at $3,000 offered by Canada Post
  • Three free months offered by ClickSpace
  • Production of a promotional video and a professional photo session

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PME MTL Centre-Ouest is committed to providing coaching and support to all applicants who submit an application file that meets the selection criteria. More specific support will be provided to the 3 winners and 10 finalists.

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Winning businesses will have until December 31, 2021 to present a signed commercial lease for a period of two years and to establish a presence within the District Central neighbourhood.

Note: Contest dates may change in response to the constantly evolving health situation.

Important dates

  • May 1 to July 16, 2021 : Submission of applications
  • July / August 2021 : Preselection of 10 finalists*
  • September 2021 : Final selection of applicants and official announcement of winners

*The 10 selected finalists must provide a presentation video in connection with theirbusiness project. The final selection will be made by a jury of expert professionals

Eligibility conditions

Until July 16, 2021, e-commerce businesses that meet the following criteria are invited to submit an application file:

  • Operate a business that has been in existence for less than 5 years
  • Have a legally constituted business registered with the Registre des entreprises du Québec (REQ)
  • Have established online sales for at least 3 months via a proprietary transactional site
  • Work full time in the business (minimum of 35 hours per week)
  • Be established or plan to establish within the Central District by December 31, 2021 at the latest
  • Consent to meet with a jury and take part in promotional activities for the contest and consultation service and communication activities offered by contest partners
  • Submit all required documents before the contest deadline, namely by July 16, 2021 at the latest

Attention: Businesses that meet the following criteria are not eligible:

  • Direct delivery businesses (dropshipping)
  • Businesses that have received a Jeune entreprise subsidy through the PME MTL network
  • Businesses operating in the sex and gaming sectors

Required documents

  • Duly completed contest entry form (see below)
  • Business plan or summary (maximum 15 pages)
  • Financial forecast for the first 2 years of operation of the business
  • Sales tracking table (minimum 3 previous months)

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Conditions for awarding grants

After the contest winners are announced, an agreement will be signed between the entrepreneurs and PME MTL Centre-Ouest. In order to receive the grants and the various services offered by the contest partners, the 3 winning entrepreneurs must do the following:

  • Present and/or sign a commercial lease for a period of at least 24 months within the boundary of the contest territory (in the case of a new establishment) by December 31, 2021.

Other eligibility conditions may apply in the form of technical, financial and documentary requirements.

Submitting an application

The contest has ended. Stay stuned for the announcement of the winners.


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