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Quick thinking to withstand a pandemic

Entrepreneur’s corner | November 16 2020

Contur Cabinet had to quickly adapt to a changing market when sales of their premium metal cabinetry came to a standstill at the onset of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. The Ouest-de-l'Île-based company changed their business model overnight to launch their new Poly-Mask™ brand that made waves in the facial-covering market with its patent-pending, Canadian-made design.  

PME MTL recently talked to Contur Cabinet CEO and founder Andy Evangelidis to discuss what it was like to bounce back from a major market-disrupting event like a pandemic and not just survive, but restructure and grow.   

“Trying to sell premium metal cabinetry during a pandemic was futile”, he says. “During the first few weeks, our phones practically stopped ringing and all on-line inquiries throttled down to a dribble. We had to act fast to stay afloat, and that’s how Poly-Mask™ was born.”  

Our Poly-Mask facial covering has surpassed all our expectations in the corporate markets. Given the fact that many companies are still struggling, we are truly fortunate.

Creating a more sustainable facemask 

Along with partners Precitec Solutions of Montréal and Plasticor, another Ouest-de-l'Île-based manufacturer, Contur Cabinet/Poly-Mask set out to create a reusable plastic injection-molded mask using a fully-synthetic filtering media, a first of its kind for facial coverings.   

“Our goal was to conceive a much-needed level 1 facial covering that would not impede on critical material supply chains and would be built right here in Canada,” says Andy.   

The Poly-Mask’s design uses “hidden-hinge” molding technology to create a three-panel plastic covering that is engineered to reduce mask movement while talking. An integrated two-layer polyester and spandex-blend filter media repels moisture rather than collecting it, as cloth masks do, creating a more continuous airflow as well as a high level of comfort.   

“Our Poly-Mask facial covering has surpassed all our expectations in the corporate markets [...]. Given the fact that many companies are still struggling, we are truly fortunate.”  

Taking Contur Cabinet/Poly-Mask™ to the next level 

Poly-Mask’s success doesn’t mean Evangelidis’ core company, Contur Cabinet, has been forgotten; indeed, it has resumed full operations with an “inundation” of cabinet orders from Canada and the U.S.  

“We had never expected such a boost in sales to happen so soon after the initial lockdown,” Andy says. In addition, Contur Cabinet has begun negotiations with a leading dental industry manufacturer to build innovative new cabinets developed specifically for that market.   

“This is a very exciting challenge for us and we’re up to the task!”  

How PME MTL helped  

PME MTL connected with Contur Cabinet early in the summer of 2020 to help them structure their new team and processes.   

“PME MTL has always been there to lend us a hand; before, during and after the pandemic. From sourcing much needed assemblers to finding us a new location for our manufacturing plant, PME MTL has truly pulled through for our company”.  

The momentum continues to build for the Dorval entrepreneur with the upcoming release of another industry-first - a clip-on clear visor that attaches to the Poly-Mask™ frame, making the product the first reusable protective facial covering with face shield compatibility.   


Contur Cabinet is supported by PME MTL Ouest-de-l'Île

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