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Developing outstanding customer service in order to build customer loyalty

Words of wisdom | September 24 2020

Provide iron-clad customer service

Building customer loyalty starts well before your customer makes a purchase. The process starts as soon as the customer enters your store for the first time. That’s why it is essential to have a team that reflects your brand image and is able to convey the right message. A good in-store experience, a warm welcome and personalized support will encourage potential customers to remember you, and therefore, to come back.

When you communicate (newsletter or social networks), remember to spotlight your team members, because they are essential to your activities and are the direct link with your customers.

Introduce loyalty cards

Many restaurants and grocery stores are opting for loyalty cards. This is a very good way to quickly build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. The card can offer different advantages, depending on your sector of activity. For example:

  • Bakery: 10 purchases over $4, and the 11th is free
  • Restaurant: 10 purchases of a meal, and the 11th is half price
  • Ready-to-wear boutique: Five purchases over $50, and the price of the sixth is reduced by 30%

Set up VIP clubs

A VIP club can be a good way to build loyalty and establish a privileged relationship with your current customers by sending special offers, inviting them to private sales, offering exclusives, previewing your new products, etc. Play the loyalty card to its full potential by producing a specific newsletter for club members with a different visual than the regular newsletter.

Organize promotions, but be careful

Specials are good, but too much of a good thing can quickly become dangerous. How? By constantly reducing prices, you are making two mistakes:

  • You are not sending the right message in terms of your image.
  • You get your customers used to buying at reduced prices.

To keep your business afloat, it must be profitable and make money. If you are always offering sale prices, you won’t make enough margin. In other words, a reduction from time to time is a good idea, but don't overdo it!

Offer adapted delivery service

The current health crisis has radically changed our way of shopping, and delivery will become an essential ally in ensuring the sustainability of your business. Whether it is on the street or online, offering adapted delivery service is essential to achieving a good customer experience.

While big players like Canada Post are well established among companies, there are some small Montréal businesses that offer services that may be more suited to your activities.

BoxKnight, 24-hour delivery

Since 2016, BoxKnight has been revolutionizing the delivery landscape by offering service within 24 hours, focused on providing an outstanding customer experience. Partnered with big names like Cook It and small local businesses like Atelier Privé, BoxKnight represents an efficient Montréal alternative for delivering your packages quickly with impeccable service!

Freewheeling, green delivery

Coordinated by the Société de développement commercial de Montréal (SDC) in collaboration with Jalon MTL and COOP Carbone/Esplanade, this initiative allows local businesses located within or near the territory of a SDC to have their products delivered, even without a transactional website or delivery system.

Xpedigo, delivery in less than four hours

The promise is simple and ambitious: Send parcels quickly, simply and securely. Once you create an account, the process is easy: Alert, pick-up and delivery of parcels in less than four hours by a delivery partner. Packages are insured and can be tracked. Costs start at $5.

Transport Romm, the two-in-one concept

This company offers a warehousing and delivery service that is very useful for certain retail businesses, especially those that handle a large volume of orders. Same-day delivery is available. Some of its trucks are refrigerated, so the company is also able to deliver food products.

EVA, the Québec version of Uber Eats

Created in May 2019, the EVA carpooling cooperative application has added another string to its bow. In order to compete with Uber Eats, it leveraged its network by launching a non-profit delivery service to help local restaurants. Consumers are invited to order directly from participating restaurants, and EVA takes care of the rest. EVA takes no percentage of the sales, and the low delivery fee is passed on to the driver.

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