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Evaluate whether your business is mature enough for international e-commerce

There are many advantages to e-commerce. It is a business strategy that allows a business to break down borders in order to penetrate new markets and export its products.

According to the Conseil québécois du commerce de détail (CQCD – Québec Retail Council), the number of businesses that have adopted e-commerce in Québec has skyrocketed in the last year. The percentage of businesses that have embraced this model rose from 36% to 44%, and the CQCD expects this number to reach 64% by 2023.

This diagnostic is a thinking tool designed for entrepreneurs who wish to sell their wares online to individuals (B2C) residing outside of Canada. It enables entrepreneurs to ask the right questions in order to reduce the risks inherent in international commerce, and to consider the strategic and tactical aspects of this activity before exporting any of their products, thanks to online sales.

In addition, online growth requires certain basic competencies. Before entering the world of international e-commerce, it is important to examine your business from a variety of angles (operations, logistics and marketing, etc.). You should also be familiar with and respect the specific procedures related to exporting, most notably including the laws of the countries in which you wish to sell your products. Proper planning will enable your business to produce the best results (and avoid many pitfalls).

Fill out the questionnaire to determine whether your business is ready for international online sales, or whether you need to review certain elements first.

The information that you provide in response to this questionnaire will remain confidential.

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