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Establishing your online presence

In this section, you will find resources and advice to help boost your online business and enhance your presence on the Web.

How to compete with the e-commerce giants*

*Article available in French. Two experts give their recommendations for launching a successful e-commerce site. Additional advice for successful delivery services.

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Improve Your Web Presence in the Digital Age

Two great tips for successfully navigating the extremely competitive world of ecommerce.

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Evaluate whether your business is mature enough for international e-commerce

Are you ready to sell your products online outside of Canada? This form is a practical tool for evaluating your company’s level of preparedness.

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Improving your presence in order to increase online traffic

Enhancing your online presence and reputation is the key to increasing traffic on your website, and ultimately boosting your sales.

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Developing digital reflexes

Digital transformation will not only simplify your life, but will also make it easier to manage your business. Here’s how.

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