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Sustainable development

Tips and advice for improved eco-responsibility

Is being an eco-responsible business a passing fad or a new way of thinking about our role? The answer lies in the facts!

The scarcity of diminishing resources, the disruption of supply chains and the acceleration of climate change are realities that demand immediate action. The various levels of government have adopted legislation and regulations to pave the way for changes in our development and management approaches aimed at enhancing environmental protection. Being eco-responsible means embracing our responsibility for protecting the environment and taking action to limit the negative impacts that we generate.

Okay, but how? There are many ways to approach eco-responsibility, and the best way is to begin with the easiest steps your business can take! Here are some tips and advice to get you started on the right foot:

  • Promote every possible energy efficiency measure at the office:
    • Install low-power lighting
    • Prioritize natural light, and close curtains and blinds if the sun is too bright
    • Turn off computers when not in use for more than 15 minutes
    • Lower heating and air conditioning requirements outside of business hours

Did you know that opting for electronic thermostats can generate savings of up to 70% in heating and air conditioning costs?

  • Avoid inefficiency and the production of waste:
    • Configure printers for two-sided printing
    • Replace water bottles with pitchers
    • Start using a composting system
    • Avoid promotional items in favour of non-material corporate gifts (e.g.: gift cards for a local shop, tickets to local events, etc.).

If you would like more information, Équiterre has created a guide des objets promotionnels écoresponsables (Guide to eco-responsible promotional items – in French)!

All of these measures are worthwhile, but to really get you on the road to eco-responsibility, it can be integrated into your business objectives and incorporated into the company’s mission. This type of approach will have a long-term positive impact on the environment and the longevity of your business!

The basic idea is to create a portrait of internal practices, establish objectives and then adopt the means to attain them. The secret to the success of this approach is to involve your employees!

There is another benefit to embarking on the path to eco-responsibility: the engagement of your employees with respect to unifying dialogue and actions, and their involvement in the ongoing economic transition. In effect, in light of the urgency of climate change, everyone is on the same page in terms of eco-responsibility, including your clients, partners, investors, lenders and customers. In other words, eco-responsibility has become the new way of forging ties in business, thus sustaining your company!

Are you convinced, but don’t know where to start? That’s our job! Contact today.

Useful resources

  • Fonds Écoleader (Ecoleader Fund): This program is an initiative of the Québec government to facilitate access to experts with a view to enhancing the environmental performance of your business. In addition to coaching, you will have access to non-repayable financial assistance.
  • Hydro-Québec’s Efficient Solutions Program gives access to financial assistance of up to 75% of eligible costs to improve energy efficiency during the renovation or construction of buildings or factories.
  • Énergir offers a number of grant programs for purchasing high-efficiency appliances and implementing projects aimed at reducing energy consumption.
  • BNQ 21 000 is a normative guide (BNQ 21000 Standard) and application methodology (BNQ 21000 Method) intended to guide and equip all types of organizations for the progressive adoption of sustainable management practices, and to help formalize a dialogue with their various stakeholders.


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